Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pillars of a fully Islamised Economic System

Assalamu 'Alaikum

 Pillars of a fully Islamised Economic System:

1)    Islamic Monetary system pegged against Gold and
 GDP subject to international Hisbah.

2)    Islamic Banking on equity only. Investments taken 
on Equity ; Financing given on equity.

3)    Bank deposits must be taken on equity; only then can 
the financing be done on equity.

4)    The whole premise of taking deposits on debt 
and giving money on debt is to be avoided.

5)    Debt only for purchase of assets but even then 
subject to ayat 280 AlBaqarah.

6)    Debt to fund working capital of business is prohibited.

7)    Payment System Banks deals only 
on "debit card basis".

8)    Investment System banks take money on equity, 
invest on equity. 

9)    No Fractional Reserve Banking

10)  International Trade on Gold Dinar Exchange system

11)  Debt financing only for some financing of cars and
 houses until a more permanent alternative is executed

12)  Zero debt financing for business.

An Islamic system cannot be simply inserted into a 
non Islamic overall environment.



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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Myth Created by the Banksters

Assalamu 'Alaikum

The Myth Created by the Banksters
Nation A is a small but wealthy nation. The benevolent government worries about unemployment amongst the nation’s youth. The government realises SME’s are the key to creating employment as in all other nations they are the greater creator of jobs and the greater contributor to GDP than the large corporations. The government have a whole array of SME friendly policies to boost its SME sector. The results are not encouraging as only a small number of SME’s seems to be benefitting from these SME boosting policies. Those in the know, knows this is because of the reluctance of everyone to move from the platform of debt to the platform of equity in helping the SME’s. The debt banking grip on everyone’s mind is so strong from 300 years of riba brainwashing that nobody considers the possibility of equity investing in SME’s as a solution. The bank’s excuse of not having enough staff to monitor investments in SME’s is taken as gospel and never challenged again whether it cannot really be done with little additional  human resource cost to everyone. However that is not what this article is all about and I will not explain or preach to those who refuse to open their minds.