Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Voice of the true America - The world awaits your victory

A voice of the true America

True Voice of America
It is very clear that our friends, the American people, have had foisted upon them by trickery and deceit a government that serves other interests than theirs.
Serving a corrupt criminal elite, it has turned democracy into a con game.
In its domestic conduct it has shown itself to be an enemy of its own people, while in its foreign policy it has shown itself time and again to be the single greatest instrument of international anarchy, turmoil and war at this time. It has taken the American people down a path they never intended to take, dragged their good name into the gutter and all but bankrupted what was once the world’s most vibrant economy.
What happens in America has a profound effect, for good or ill, upon global civilisation and that is why all of us have a vested interest in the ultimate triumph of men loyal to its constitution and the principles enshrined therein, a constitution that is spat upon daily by the criminals who have hijacked American governance. It is also the reason why, as we decry the bad example set by those enemies of the people, we must also applaud and assist the good example set by those who refuse to let those principles be snuffed out.
A wise man once said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilasnce and a constant willingness to fight back. Once again the American people find themselves the victims of a parasitic elite, an elite encamped on their own doorstep and against which they will have to fight back if the are to recover the freedoms for which their forebears fought so valiantly.

The Engineering of World War III. Stop these evil people. Take back your country. Do not allow your leaders to be manipulated by them any longer.