Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Assalamu 'Alaikum,
Received this in my email recently. Lets do it.


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Subject : Fw: Fwd: Lets kill Pepsi
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Subject: Fw: Fwd: Lets kill Pepsi
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Subject: Lets kill Pepsi

Assalamu 'Alaikum

Lets Kill Pepsi

We are numbed by Gaza. Theres no need for me to write about the anger we feel about whats happening to Gaza. It will be just words. Even if I succeed in making readers more angry with Israel its no skin of their nose. The Americans and their new President will continue to support Israel. Why? Its really about money. Its not easy to run a campaign to be President of America. You need tons of money. The Jews in America know this weakness. It's the perfect crime, perfect storm, perfect weakness, call it what you will. Pump money into both campaigns to cover your bets and when you see one candidate clearly leading, put your all into him and voila, you have a subservient President elect in your hands.

So lets understand the situation clearly, its about money. Now lets turn this weakness of a US President elect and the strength of US Jewish moguls into our strength, strength of the Muslim Ummah. Money comes from selling lots and lots of products. Now what if the products cannot be sold? A certain group of people in the world numbering almost 1 billion refuse to buy the product. Yes we have done boycotts before. But it doesn't seem to work does it? The last time it was Dutch products because of the insults to our Prophet s.a.w. I remembered emails going round listing hundreds of Dutch companies and Dutch products. And we did boycott these products but no real harm was inflicted on the Dutch companies because we were not focussed. There were too many products, too many companies to remember to boycott. So instead of getting hit by a head on missile, they were just pepper sprayed by pellets.

Lets change tactic. Lets pick one company or better still one product for us to boycott. Its easier to remember and focus. Spread the message throughout the Muslim world and lets see whether I billion Muslims can make a difference or not. Each time they do a Gaza or an Iraq on us lets pick one product to kill. Lets see whether the owners of Pepsi will just lay down and die or they will run to Barrack and whisper a thing or two about Gaza in his ear. Only Barrack can stop the pain on our brothers and sisters in Gaza now. What say you my brothers and sisters? Pass on this message and lets kill Pepsi.

Do it for Gaza.

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