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The Politics of Arrogance

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Assalamu ‘Alaikum


I have always thought that politics is about winning the hearts and minds of the people. I didn’t know it is about winning the hearts and minds of the party members, at the expense of the people. Even Abe Lincoln that great father of democracy described his government as the government of the people, for the people and by the people.
I am quite certain he did not say the government of the party members, for the party members and by the party members. But in my beloved country and sadly enough my home state, it seems to be the government of the arrogants, for the party members and by the defectors. Nowhere in the equation are placed any importance about the feelings of the people, the ultimate stakeholders of any democracy. A sad indictment of the state of affairs when my beloved Sultan the most educated of all rulers, the third pillar in the triangle of democracy is seemingly made subservient to the wishes of the executive.

To the neutral observers looking in, the solution seems simple enough. Accede to the cries for an election. What is so difficult about that? Unless of course you fear the people. Unless of course your government is NOT a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Therefore Sir, for whom do you govern if it is not for the people?

We have gone way past 1957, the British have left a long time ago, your voters are no longer rural folks who needs the policemen to fill in their children’s birth reports. You are now dealing with literate, well informed and articulate constituents; pray, grant us a little presumption of intelligence. A government may have fall, another one may have been formed, but you have lost the one thing that matters most to politicians, the love and respect of his constituents.

I am wrong? Call an election and find out.

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