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"The Greater Sin Is Not A Country Who Do Not Implement Allah's Law ; The Greater Sin Is a Country Whose People Question Allah's Wisdom"

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

An exchange between friends.


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Subject: RE: [classof72] He Aint Heavy

Salam Zaki,

Thought you'd say that. Zahid silly me, made the wrong one! :) Truth is my bro you have made the right choice in any party if you uphold Allah's command to implement His Law. It is not compulsory for you to succeed but it is compulsory for you to try.

It is NEVER about whether it is doable, whether it's good or whether it's practical. Who are we as His creation to question His wisdom? This is the saddest part I find in some of the ummah. They are so lost in the issue and further misguided by a jahilliah media, they missed the whole point and choose to question Allah's wisdom instead. Na'dzubillah.

It is about YES I believe,YES I support Your law, YES I'm trying my best to implement it. It is tough as You say it will be, a test for me but wallahi as Your obedient servant I do not and I will not question Your wisdom.

We must also learn to know ourself or 'kenal diri'. If we do not support Allah's Law because there will soon be no discos and karaokes, or life will be different as we know it then recognise this is why we do not like Allah's law and not say it's not doable, it's not good and it's not practical, etc, etc. when its really because we will miss all the fun things. A man on a journey will only set his sight on the destination.

The greater sin is not a country who do not implement Allah's law ; the greater sin is a country whose people question Allah's wisdom.

Know the difference please my brothers for this is no simple issue. It is about our Aqidah. I will not cry if you hurl me stick and stones but I will cry if you are on the wrong side in Mahsyar.


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Subject: Re: [classof72] He Aint Heavy

Yes, Nazri made the right choice.....

Mohammad Zaki Ayob East Wing D49 5S2 Idris

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He Aint Heavy

Assalamu 'Alaikum,
The man who introduced me to Surah AlMa'idah Ayah 48, twenty years ago and was happy when I declared I'm with the other side.

Class of 72, Sulaiman House

Courtsey of Star Online

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