Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is it wrong?

Assalamu ‘Alaikum

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong for me to shun the power crowd and not read or hear distorted news? Is it wrong for me to choose to live in a coccoon to contain my seething anger? Is it wrong for me to choose justice over corrupted largesse? You say you fight for my race but you steal from my country.
Our fathers fought a different fight, their sacrifices will put many of you to shame. You say the teacher who left his job and becomes rich through corruption is a successful man ; I say his colleague who remain with his profession to the end is the successful man. You say I should defend your right to live in luxury through your support of the corrupted regime; why do I feel more for the citizens who has to much sacrifice to ensure their children has a good education abroad. You say the man who steals millions from his country a patriot, but the man who overclaims a paltry sum for his expenses a hardened criminal. Your supporters fight for the crumbs you throw; what have you turned my race into? You allow lagha to destroy the minds of our children I shall demand retribution from the courts of our Maker. You allow the protectors to abuse the trust we placed on them; you use the the arbitrators to uphold injustices. You ridicule men of faith who wish to give the ummah a different leadership ; you humiliate men of conviction who share the same dream. You control the minds of the masses through a distorted media; you will rue the day the masses realise your misdeeds.

I cannot in my heart find the will to support you and I cannot understand the minds of those who still do. If it is wrong for me to believe as I believe then let me be wrong ; than be right but with all the filth attached.

Zahid ’72 Sulaiman.

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  1. Assalamualaikum Bro Zahid, totally agree with u and the awareness have to be spread, our poorly misguied and live in a dream world people have to be waken up from their long sleep. Isyaallah, blessing will be with all those who "Berpesan2 dengan kebenaran dan berpesan2 dengan kesabaran" Amin.