Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Douglas

Dear Douglas,
                      This is the Muslim belief as expounded in the Quran and you please share your thoughts with us on how to tell the world about it. Our objective of course is to get all of human kind to join us in the heavens of Allah and not be an enemy to us. Allah created Adam and Hawa (Eve) in heaven. They were cheated by Iblis(Satan) and gets thrown to the world. Allah tells them I will send down messengers to you and your descendants who will bring only one message and that message is La illa ha illallah, There is no god but Allah. Hence Prophet Adam, Noh (Noah), Yusuf(Joseph), Yacob (Jacob) Musa (Moses) and Isa(Jesus) amongst others.  

Twenty five Rasul (Messengers) and countless Nabis (Prophets) . Each Rasul carries with them their own Sunnah (path) but only one faith and that is La illa haillallah There is no god but Allah, the unity or oneness of God. Along the way the Quran says the Jews diverted from the teaching of Moses, killed many Prophets, and no longer subscribe to La illa ha illallah. Along the way the followers of Prophet Jesus diverted from his teachings and made him the son of God. The Quran says Prophet Jesus did not die on the cross; he was replaced by a look alike. Prophet Jesus was brought up to the heavens and he will return towards the end of the world reemphasising the religion of Tauhid, the oneness of Allah.

Islam means submission to the will of Allah. All Prophets from Adam to the last of the Prophets, Muhammad promotes submission to the will of Allah and submission to the oneness of Allah or La illa haillallah.

Such is the anger of Allah with the Jews the verses in the Quran in respect of the Jews anger the Jews when they read it. The Christians are slighted when they read the Quran says they are misguided. Tell us do we abandon the Quran in the light of the anger of the Jews and the hurt of the Christians?

It is not the Quran, but it is us the Muslims, who have failed. We have failed to articulate the message of Allah to the Jews and the Christians to bring them back to the path of Allah.

Hence the animosity to Islam that we, and you, see today.

Warm regards,

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