Friday, December 23, 2011


Assalamu 'Alaikum,


It’s wonderful to believe what is easy and natural to believe. Life is so much easier. The rain falls as convectional in the late afternoon as the sun’s heat in the morning absorbed the earth moisture and turned it into clouds which were later naturally seeded by uprising particles turning it into rain. With the recent change in weather Malaysia seems to have winter. As we stopped at the peak of the East West highway on the way to Kelantan today the car thermometer said it was 21C outside which is pretty cold for an equatorial country. If one exposed ourselves to nature by walking in the rain or not properly covered up against the elements the virus in the air will invade our body and make us sick. These are natural causes and effect which we have understood from time immemorial. Conditioned by the truth of nature we unconsciously extend our beliefs to situations which are man-made. The naiveté of men and innocence of humans are preyed on by certain humans who understand such weaknesses of humanity.

Let’s take the Dow Jones index. If this index goes up, and goes up consistently over a period of time our conclusion must be the American economy must be good, right? Wrong, today people have evidence to show the Dow is manipulated to tell a different story every time the American economy falls sick and about to enter its death bed. A Plunge Protection Team set up by Presidential Decree will start buying stocks with money printed out of thin air and given free by the Federal Reserve to buy up plunging stocks to reverse the southern trend of the market. If the money systems of countries are not funny enough this superdebtor of a country have an even funnier money system. Their sort of Central Bank is called the Federal Reserve which is owned by the private sector! The Federal Reserve are jointly owned by the major banks in the country. By extension they are owned by the shareholders of the banks who are superwealthy private individuals. You get the picture?

Every time the American Government wants to issue money they have to borrow the money at interest from the Federal Reserve. The US government give bonds in return for paper currency printed by the Federal Reserve. So far the US government has only been paying the interest, the principal amount they owe is only USD 15 trillion and the expectation is soon the US government will not even be able to pay the interest to the Federal Reserve. So if we still believe that the most powerful country in the world today is owned by its people by the Boy Scout belief of a government of the people by the people for the people, think again.

The reason the Federal Reserve is privately owned is by accident of history following the footsteps of the Bank of England which is also privately owned. Today the Central banks of the world are not owned by private interests but by the national governments. However central bankers are all trained by the Bank of International Settlements in Basel and if we were to scrutinise best practises for Central banking we will find they uncannily coincide with private interests of the private owners of the Federal Reserve. The private owners of the Federal Reserve extend their web of control via supposedly internationally owned IMF and the World Bank. If they wish to take down a country they will first send their frontline troops in the form of hedge funds leveraged by the major US banks to take down the country’s currency via the underhand tactics of short selling the country’s currency. A transaction clearly prohibited by our Prophet (peace be upon him).  Battered by the savage attack the bloodied nation then go a begging to the IMF for funds to restore the nation’s ravaged economy. IMF then lay down rules which seems prim and proper but again uncannily coincides with the private wishes of the private owners of the Federal Reserve. “Open up your markets, sell your national interests” is the barking order of the IMF. The vultures then swoop in to pick up the under-priced national assets.

Illusion is a funny thing. It is easier to unbelieve what is laid bare for us to see then to believe what will shake the foundations of our naiveté and innocent beliefs. The head of a family borrowing heavily to lavish on goodies and ornaments for his family is a good thing or a bad thing? It is a good gesture if it comes from his present day extra income and not borrowing. It is worrying if he says it will come from his future extra income. It is illusory if he is persistently in debt and does not tell the family the source of their present joy. The illusion of 9/11 or September 11 2001 is the unprovoked attack of an innocent country by a group of determined terrorists. Today their own citizen, a CIA asset which they have kept imprisoned for 10 years under  the Patriot’s Act have spoken out that the US knew of the impending attack as early as January 2001. They connived by placing termite sulphur bombs on the structure of the targeted building to ensure its steel structure is burnt by the sulphur and the buildings collapsed when the attack takes place. Why? They couldn’t attack Iraq if only 10 people died from a plane crashing into the building. Such is the power of illusion; it is so much easier for us to unbelieve what is laid bare for us to see. Such is the naiveté and innocence of humans.

Zahid '72S

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