Sunday, November 18, 2012

And We Sit With Rage

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

And We Sit With Rage

We are now again at the crossroads of history, and awareness of Islamic identity
is beginning to dawn in the consciousness of emergent Muslims. Only when this awareness comes to full awakening with the sun of knowledge will there emerge from among us men and women of spiritual and intellectual maturity and integrity who will be able to play their role with wisdom and justice in upholding the truth. Such men and women will know that they must return to the early masters of the religious and intellectual tradition of Islam, which was established upon the sacred foundation of the Holy Quran and the Tradition of the Holy Prophet, in order to learn from the past and be able to acquip spiritually and intellectually for the future; they will realize that they must not simply appropriate and imitate what modern secular Western civilization has created, but must regain by exerting their own creative, knowledge, will and imagination what is lost of the Muslims’ purpose in life, their history, their values and virtues embodied in their sciences, for what is lost
can never be regained by blind imitation and the raving of slogans which deafen with the din of ‘development’; they will discern that development must not involve a correspondence of Islam with the facts of contemporary events that have strayed far from the path of truth;  and they will conceive and formulate their own definitions and conceptions of government and of the nature of development that will correspond with the purpose of Islam. Their emergence is conditional not merely upon
physical struggle, but more upon the achievement of true knowledge, confidence and boldness of vision that is able to create great changes in history.”

Preface to “Islam and Secularism” by Professor Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas, a legacy he dedicated to, in his own words, “The Muslim Youth”.

Wise words of a very wise man.
  A man who should be at the forefront of Muslim leadership in a confused era but instead, confined to the walls of academia in a system he is exhorting to be changed. We are mindless individuals in a sea of ignorance. Not ignorant of education for we are educated in the manner we accept to be educated. We are not ignorant of our own religion for we are knowledgeable in religion in a manner we are moulded to be taught. We are ignorant of the big picture. We are ignorant of our space in the entire scheme of things. We are ignorant of history that shaped the environment we found ourselves in. We are ignorant of the assault on the very foundation of our beliefs, by the blinding light that overcame, overshadowed and stole our destiny.

Now we sit with inner rage at the holocaust that is raining on our flesh and blood in Gaza. Where is the Caliph and the Caliphate to lead the charge against the perpetrators of the apocalypse of Palestine? None, for we found ourselves to be nation states instead of a unifying Caliphate of one Muslim Nation. Where are the haters of bid’ah and toghut for isn’t the institutions of nation states bid’ah to the concept of one Muslim Khilafah?

Now we sit with rage at the reluctance of the current world power to end the genocide in Gaza. Were we not culpable in allowing the balance of world power to fall into the hands of the Zionists? We did not heed when Allah and His Prophet declared war on riba. We dismissed the haters and fighters against riba as confused people who do not understand the world. Let it be known the fighters of riba understand Allah’s heed more than the masses.  For it was and it is the institution of riba that delivered wholesale transfer of wealth to the Zionists. With which wealth they promoted the system of democracy which delivers both Presidential Candidates into their scheming hands whenever that World Power holds their National Elections. To cap the perfect crime they debunk Gold as the basis of international money allowing the host nation which they have overcome, to steal world produce with the printing of green pieces of paper. And we sing their song that Gold as Sunnah money is for the birds; it has no place in the modern, Zionists owned, world that we love so much.

Arise thinkers of Islam, heed the call of Professor Syed Naquib Al-Attas. Be brave, be knowledgeable and be confident we can regain our destiny. Understand that the subjects of knowledge in our universities and the education system we inherited from the West was shaped at the time Europe sacked the Church from their life. Geography, History, Physics, Science, Biology, Economics, Politics, Ethics, Philosophy and Medicine were shaped at the time when the Western intellectuals were desirous of removing all manner of God and religion from life, such to be confined only to Sunday mornings. These were the subjects we inherited from the West and that we still teach in our Universities. Do we not wish to acknowledge the role of Allah s.w.t. in Medicine, Biology, Science and Physics? Do we not wish to correct our Geography and History books with the truth of the Quran? Do we not wish to set the parameters of Economics and Business with the parameters set by the Quran and Sunnah?

Do we not also wish to have a system of electing our leaders based on Sirah and Sunnah? Do we not wish to remove riba from our lives when Allah s.w.t. and His Prophet has declared war on it? Do we not wish to have a money system that does not steal from the masses? Do we not wish to have an international money system that will sever the lifeline to the Zionists?

“And we did not create the skies, the earth and all that is in between them for mere play. We created them not save with a purpose but most of them do not know.”

(Surah Ad-Dukhaan Ayah 38-39)



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