Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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From:zahid aziz
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Fine tq. Hope all is well with you.

I am delivering a talk at Surau AlFurqan Puncak Alam this Saturday after Maghrib titled "Jihad Ekonomi Global - Sistem Duit Fiat dan Ancamannya terhadap AlAqsa" There could be an article in there I think!

This has to be the urgent struggle for Muslims worldwide. We are seeing the manifestation of the reality of the situation Surah AlBaqarah ayat 279 tried to warn us 1400 years ago. In all the sins we are culpable of committing none carried the threat of war from Allah and His Rasul as riba. The legitimising of the riba industry and practise by the unsuspecting world have delivered untold wealth to a conniving race who has always incurred Allah's wrath. Promoting a system of leadership not promoted by Islam they fund both Presidential candidates of the superpower they have overcame. Their sword is drawn against AlAqsa and we continue to support their lifeline by continuing to endorse and support a financial and monetary system that keeps them enriched.

Bro, we need to wake the Muslim world beginning with our nation!

Best regards and salam

Jihad Ekonomi Global - Sistem Duit Fiat dan Ancamannya terhadap AlAqsa = Global Economic Jihad - Fiat Monetary System and its Threat to AlAqsa

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