Thursday, July 31, 2014

An American Eid

From: Douglas……
Sent: Monday, 28 Jul, 2014 9: 57 AM
To: Zahid
Subject : An American Eid

Dear Zahid.
 Eid al-Fitr is not an official holiday in America, but I like to take the opportunity to share Islamic culture with those around me who may not appreciate this important tradition.

 In honor of the occasion—at the local coffee shop where I’m a fixture—I decided to put a small plate of dates on the corner of my table. I was curious about how other customers would react.

From the store manager:

“Doug, you don’t like our own fruit and cheese tray?”

“It’s a special occasion. I’m recognizing Eid, celebrated throughout the Muslim world.”

“I had no idea! Let me put the Yemeni coffee on sale.” 

From the hipster:

“Are you selling dates?”

“No. I’m giving them away to acknowledge the Muslim Eid holiday. Here, take one.”

“But dude, there are no Muslims around here.”

And from the local police captain:

“Hey, are you investing in date production now?”

“I’m merely honoring the Muslim Eid holiday. Dates are big in the Muslim world. Try one.”

“This tastes great. Where’s the mosque? I’ll go buy some. Are they having a sale?”

Eid offers an opportunity to be grateful for community, both near and far. I trust that the season brings joy to your family and friends.


New York, New York 10004

From : Zahid
To : Douglas
Subject : Re: An American Eid

Dear Douglas,

Wonderful gesture!

Pardon me for being too candid with mine. Allow me to share with you below my current Facebook status.

"Ceasefire or upliftment of Gaza seige?
We can have both if the American and European Civil Society can now begin work on getting rid of Zionists pestilence in their democratic system. Or offer a third People Funded Candidate in the next election. As for current Israeli puppet leaders civil disobedience till they begin to act as national leaders and not Israel puppets."

May you regain your wonderful country for your wonderful people soon.

With warmest regards,

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