Sunday, June 21, 2015

What every Muslim in colonised countries must know

Assalamu 'Alaikum,

A lot of angst has been thrown at a Mufti in Malaysia for saying what is only right about the dressings of a certain victorious Muslimat gymnast in the recent Sea Games. I do not wish to say much except to make the point that a wrong is a wrong in Islam. Hideous name callings at a respectable Mufti still does not make a wrong, right.

That is why it is so so important for all of us, Muslims in Malaysia, and Muslims all over the world who has lived in colonised countries, to read the writings of Professor Syed Naguib AlAttas on "Islam and Secularisation". 

Before we dismiss Prof Syed Naguib do take note that he began life in the Prasantren of Indonesia before being amongst the best Phds in today's academic world. He is one of the few world class academia, acknowledged by the world, that hails from this land. Learn and find out about the man and his thoughts before dismissing him, or we will forever remain unlearned.

That is why we also need to learn and understand history, how the colonialists came and said to us in Muslim countries, don't worry we will not convert you to Christianity but we will secularised your religion, Islam, as we did ours. 

In the 15th century, Europe was actually ruled by the Church. Through the excesses of the Church a Europe wide Secular Movement rose to sack the Church from government. The Secularists of Europe include Martin Luther from Germany, John Eck from UK and Robespierre from France to name a few. 

They created a new belief that religion has nothing to do with life it is a personal matter to be addressed only on Sunday  mornings. There must be no religion in life, education, government, economy, business and sports, of course. 

This was also the time the Godless academic subjects of today's universities were created and where are still taught to young Muslims in Muslim countries. 

Prof Syed Naguib, Prof Ismail Farouqi and a host of other Muslim intellectuals who formed the international movement, The Islamisation of Knowledge, realised that our education system, teaching godless subjects is the seed of our malaise, where western secular thoughts are still taught to young Muslims today, even though the colonialists have left a long time ago.

The gist of the matter is the west turned us into specialist scholars and specialists worldly people, when the heights of Muslim civilisation was when we were syumul and masters of both world. That is why we are struggling in all aspects now.

Amongst the effects of Secularisation is that they left secular thoughts in our minds

1) Religion has no place in our lives.
2) The Quran and religion are backward.
3) Religion is a personal matter
4) Law is secular law : Quran and Sunnah are not law
5) Since Quran is backward so are its laws.
6) People educated in Syariah are also backward and must be derided.

If we stop and reflect, wasn't the Quran given by the Creator? 

Wouldn't it then be the best Manual and the best Law for the Created?

But the secular mind will then dismiss this train of thought by saying the scholars have misread the Quran. 

The question is have they themselves then studied the Quran to come up with a different interpretation?

In most cases the answer is no. It is therefore not unlike the Physics student telling the Physics professor that his interpretation is wrong, but when asked to explain why it is wrong, the student cannot answer because he has not studied the subject deep enough.

One person who has studied the Quran and mastered worldly knowledge is Prof AlAttas, and he wrote the book "Islam and Secularisation" which explains the above malady we are in.

Should we then say Prof AlAttas is wrong to maintain our stand, or do we study what he says, to discover what might just be the biggest lie we are living in.


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