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Ulama dalam kedudukan berkuasa politik perlu membenarkan profesional Islam menjalankan kerajaan sementara mereka mengawal selia kerajaan tersebut melalui Dewan Ulama / Scholars in position of political power must allow Islamic professionals to run the government while they oversee the governing via the Dewan Ulama

Assalamu 'Alaikum,

Apa dah jadi? Bergabunglah tenaga professional Islamik dengan barisan ulama demi kemajuan Islam. Sedarlah bahawa British telah sekularkan kita. Barisan ulama perlu ketangkasan tenaga professional Islamik; dan tenaga professional Islamik perlu bimbingan barisan ulama. Bacalah tulisan tulisan cendiakawan saperti Prof Syed Naguib AlAttas (Islam dan Sekularisma) untuk memahami hakikat sekularisma bangsa Melayu khasnya dan umat Islam amnya oleh Barat. Kita wajib bergabung sehingga sistem pendidikkan kita mampu wujud insan kamil yang syumul ilmunya berkemampuan menguasai kedua -dua dunia dan akhirat. Bukankah begitu banyak contoh dalam sejarah Islam dimana pemimpin-pemimpin agung Islam rela berundur diri demi kesatuan dan maslahah Islam?

What happened? Scholars in position of power must share power with Islamic professionals. Muslims must realised that the Colonials had secularised us similar in fashion Europe was secularised long before that. The scholars in power need the Islamic professionals to run the government for the benefit of the ummah ; the Islamic professionals is not allowed do so without the guidance of the Scholars. Read the writings of farsighted Muslim intellectuals like Prof Syed Naguib Alattas (Islam and Secularism) to understand the secularisation of the Malays in particular and the Muslims in general. Scholars and Islamic Professionals must combine until we have an educational system  that can produce insan kamil and insan syumul who masters both the worldly and the akhirah. Have we not seen how many examples in Islamic history of towering Muslim Khalifah and leaders who withdrew from position of leadership for the progress of  Islam ?
Class of '72 Sulaiman House

Ahead of PAS polls, Husam declines Kelantan jobs

The quiet war between conservatives and progressives in PAS ahead of party polls continues with former Kelantan state executive councillor Datuk Husam Musa (pic) now declining the state government's offer of posts in state firms.
He revealed that the state government had pulled other chairmanships from him in companies that have performed well while leaving alone chairmen in loss-making state firms.
"I was never consulted about taking up any posts," the Salor assemblyman told The Malaysian Insider.
The PAS vice-president was dropped from the state government exco line-up after Election 2013, and Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakub has now extended an olive branch of chairmanships of Kelantan Golden Trade Sdn Bhd and Tunjong Development Corporation.
Ahmad told The Malaysian Insider last week that both posts would be offered to Husam as he had been responsible for the companies while in the state government.
The first-term menteri besar dismissed any fallout with Husam, saying it was not in the power of the state government or Kelantan PAS to decide whether the latter had a place in the state exco.
But Husam told The Malaysian Insider that he had been dropped as chairman of some of the companies he had set up for the state.
"If I was given a choice, I would be more interested in chairing Baldah Toyyibah, which was appointed to head the building of the Kota Baru-Kuala Krai highway and I feel responsible to see that the highway becomes a reality.
"Actually, I had already arranged all the funding when I was there before," he said.
Husam also revealed that before the state assembly was dissolved, Kelantan had approved that a steel mining area in Sungai Tuang, Gua Musang, worth RM2.5 billion, be used as collateral to fund the highway.
"I was made to understand that the mine, with an area of 3,000 hectares, was taken back and it was proposed to several other individuals. Besides that, I had set up a government mining company to develop the mine on a big scale with modern technology and processing, under Az Zahab.
"Thank God that just after three months, our first gold licence was approved and we mined our first haul of gold last week. Besides that, we received an approval to mine manganese. That mine itself is worth half a billion ringgit," he said.
Husam said Az Zahab was set up to fund the highway and a new stadium.
"I hope the state government will take care of these assets well.”
He added that when he was chairman those companies were “making profits".
The PAS vice-president also said another state company, PMBK Sawit, had also recorded a profit of RM8 million until June this year.
"I hope the new chairman will look after what he is trusted with. I am surprised why several chairmen who have not been performing were not removed," he said.
He revealed that KPK and oil palm estate company Ladan Relai have recorded massive losses.
"I call on the state government to appoint an independent auditor to check on these companies," Husam said. – August 25, 2013.

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